Participation Activity Agreement


 Purpose of this Agreement:

 School programs should reflect the attitude of the community that supports them. If the community is to truly identify with its schools through the activities program, it is imperative that team members dress and behave in a manner that will inspire pride and approval by the community. Also, if students are to derive appropriate benefits from activities and/or programs, they must be able to operate in a climate free of disruptive behavior.

 Developing and maintaining a positive school/team spirit must be based upon an appropriate atmosphere and fair disciplinary standards. Clearly, appropriate rules and regulations are necessary for this positive atmosphere to be maintained. These rules and regulations apply to each student who participates during an activity season, beginning with the first practice/tryout or the first day of the term of office, and concludes on the last scheduled day of the school year. This is an all-school-year code from date you begin a sport/activity until the last day of school These rules and regulations are in effect on and off school grounds.

 Definition of Activities:

Because activities are an extension of the school day, students represent their school as a participant in those activities. Students are reminded that participation in activities is a privilege. Activities included with this agreement are cheerleading, associated student body offices, all pep bands, drama, all clubs, all ASB organizations, and activities. 


All participants must meet all WIAA eligibility requirements including the following:

  • Less than 20 years of age for high school prior to the beginning of the sport/activity/club/organization season.
  • Parents or guardians are bona fide residents of the Wilbur-Creston School District, unless the student has cleared District eligibility.
  • In attendance the previous semester in a middle/high school.
  • Pass a physical examination every two years.
  • Absence for more than one-half (1/2) of a scheduled school day on the day of a contest/practice deems the individual ineligible to participate that day in practices/contests. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of school administration.
  • Students on suspension, In school or Out of school are also ineligible that particular day(s)
  • To maintain academic eligibility for a sport/activity/club/organization, students shall be required to maintain a 1.75 GPA and no F's in the preceding grading period. If an “F” grade is reported at grade check and/or the student's GPA falls below a 1.75, the student will lose eligibility to participate in competition/game/activities/conferences until the grade is a passing grade AND the GPA is a 1.75 or above. Additionally, students receiving a NC (no credit) at the semester, will be ineligible to participate for the entire semester following. Practicing while ineligible is only permitted AFTER IMPLEMENTATION OF AN ACADEMIC IMPROVEMENT PLAN WHICH MUST BE SIGNED BY THE STUDENT, TEACHER(S) ADMINISTRATOR, AND PARENT. Grades will be checked every 4 ½ weeks throughout the school year.
  • Finally, students not meeting the standards AT THE SEMESTER will be ineligible until the next grade check (4 ½ weeks) of the next semester.
  • At Coach/Advisor discretion, an individual sport/activity may require a “higher” academic standard for participation than the standard listed above. (see the HS Handbook for ASB Officer standards).

Regulations Regarding Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use:

  • A participant shall not possess, use, deliver, distribute, sell, offer to sell, be under the influence of or, show evidence of having used or abused a controlled substance or counterfeit substance or any illicit drugs or alcohol, or tobacco (to include chewing tobacco).
  • Students, as leaders and role models, shall not attend parties where minors are using alcohol or drugs. Students need to have the courage and self-discipline to leave immediately, and if they choose not to, they will be held in violation. If a student cannot safely leave a situation where prohibited substances are present, the student should report the incident to an administrator immediately upon returning to school. Verification of the circumstances by the administrator will result in no disciplinary penalty.
  • Eligibility to participate may be denied if ANABOLIC STEROIDS are used for the purpose of enhancing athletic ability.

Penalties Regarding Use and/or Possession of Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Prescription/Legend Drugs,

Illegal Chemical Substances, or Opiates:

Within an entire high school career while under any activity agreement, the following penalties apply:


  • The student will be ineligible immediately and will be suspended from competitions for fifty percent (50%) of the WIAA regular season competition allowance per sport. The first week of ineligibility includes no participation in any team activities within the specific sports season. Beginning with the second week, the student will be required to attend all practice sessions, but will be subject to the suspension period outlined above regarding competitions. The suspension begins at the time of reporting to the administrator or on the day the discipline is imposed. 
  • The percentage of competitions missed carries over into the next season of the student's participation. The student must complete the entire season of the sport in good standing.
  • The student must attend a District approved educational intervention program, or an agreed upon alternative, at parents' expense. 
  • The student will also be required to undergo random urinalysis testing for a period of one year at the parents'/guardians' expense. 
  • The student will be allowed only one “first offense” during his/her entire high school career and will apply to all extra –curricular activities.
  • Any drug or alcohol offense will transfer to and from other school districts.

Self-Admittance Discovery vs. Investigative Discovery:

Students and parents are encouraged to self-report infractions of the Athletics/Activities Code by contacting the school administration. Self-admittance is defined as either initiating the discovery, by admittance of attendance/participation, and/or admittance of attendance/participation during the initial round of investigation.

  • If a student self-reports or self-admits, the suspensions will be reduced by ten (10) percent (from 50% to 40%) of the competitions.

For Reinstatement to Competition:

  • The student and parent(s)/guardian(s) shall meet with the Athletic Eligibility Board, consisting of coaches, counselors and administrators selected by the principal, to request approval to participate. The Eligibility Board will recommend to the principal appropriate action to be taken in the student's case. The school principal and/or Athletic Director shall have the final authority as to the student's participation in future activities.
  • Student must address/talk to the team about his/her actions. The coach will verify completion of this requirement.
  • Student must complete suspended eligible competition(s) outlined by percentage penalty.


  • The student will be ineligible for participation in all identified activities for a period of one (1) calendar year from the date of the second violation.


  • The student will be ineligible for the remainder of his/her high school career.

 Other Rules and Regulations:

  • All students participating in activities are required to comply with all rules and regulations contained within Board Policies and Procedures.
  • A participant shall not engage in conduct detrimental to the team, club or the school.
  • A participant shall not use obscene or vulgar language
  • A participant shall not steal or use another's property without permission
  • A participant is expected to attend all scheduled practices, meetings, contest and performance whether school is in session or not. If it is necessary to be absent, prior arrangements must be made with the coach/advisor.
  • A participant is responsible for school-owned equipment checked out to him/her. The participant will assume the financial obligation due to loss, theft or misuse of this equipment. All school gear, uniform or equipment must be checked in prior to beginning another sport/activity/club/organization season.
  • A participant is expected to travel to and from contests, performances or activities with the team when transportation is provided for this purpose. Only on the personal request by a parent/guardian of the participant and with approval of the principal/designee will this regulation be waived.
  • A participant is expected to adhere to all other rules, which are unique to a particular activity.
  • The coach/advisor will determine if student/athletes have earned a Wilbur-Creston School District letter or other appropriate awards. 
  • Inappropriate internet posting (pictures or statements) by students may result in disciplinary action. Please be aware that anything posted on your personal website is your responsibility.

Penalties for Violation of Other Rules and Regulations:

  • Violation of the rules and regulations may result in discipline by the coach, advisor, or other responsible person.
  • Violation of the rules and regulations may result in forfeiture of awards.
  • Violation of the rules and regulations may also be the basis for school discipline, suspension, or expulsion from curricular subjects and/or courses pursuant to Classroom Management, Corrective Actions or Punishment, Policy and Procedure #????.



Inappropriate internet posting (pictures or statements) by students may result in disciplinary action. Please be aware that anything posted on your personal website is your responsibility.